Home tuition datok keramat : Key Points for Each Lesson

“There are 10 key points that should be considered when planning lessons in home tuition datok keramat.”

1. Plan lessons         6. What’s new
2. Diversity               7. Tutoring
3. Equipment           8. The speed
4. Homework           9. Excitement
5. Refresher            10. Humor

Some things already mentioned, some of them in detail. Even so, the case is included in the above list because it was considered important and useful in teaching. The important thing in teaching is to be called repeatedly. Repeat method is also used in the classroom because you had to repeat many things. Not easy considering the students who had been told by the teacher, though its importance has been emphasized. One thing needs to be repeated many times. That’s why repetition is considered an important element in learning.


Lesson Plans

The success or failure of the lesson depends on the plans made. Rare error when every minute provided detailed and carefully planned. Teachers who can teach it works compiled in one hour 60 minutes and 60 seconds in a minute. This does not mean that the teacher lecture all the time. Provide guidance to individuals and heard the questions students are taught. Which is intended to teach every second, every minute is time interaction in the classroom that is well managed so as not to waste even a moment. This can be done when a complete lesson plan written with. Time is needed for things like checking the attendance list, spoke briefly with two students and make announcements that are not included in the lesson plan. These activities will take two to three minutes.

Teachers carry out its work independently and this can lead to feelings of isolation. No one can help him, and at the same time, teachers also become the focus. Feel hopeful atmosphere, as if a challenge to him, `Karni was waiting for, go ahead. Teach us’. This situation could deter any teacher, especially teachers who are inexperienced. However, there is a rescue line, the lesson plan. Figuring out what will be taught in a lesson make it clearer. Next, the obvious thing was accepted and reinforced and written as a lesson plan.

Sometimes, teachers do not need to refer the draft during lessons because everything is so clear in the minds of teachers. On the other hand, at other times the teacher may face the uncertainties clouding the next step as doubts over the future of a particular topic or activity. Many problems can be solved by looking at the plans at a glance. The following shall always thought when writing the plan:

1. Write a note such words and phrases, not complete sentences.

2. Writing or letters used must be large enough to be read at a glance.

3. Use different colors to mark the important thing.

4. Limit the plan to a piece of paper only to be more easily controlled.

5. Record the materials and equipment needed. Use as a checklist before going to class.

Put the plan on the table, separated away from other documents, and if necessary, see at a glance. Important advice for teachers who have no experience; do not hold the paper plan. When you feel anxious, paper in your hands will shake and your anxious feelings are clearly visible. During the lesson, put your watch on the edge of the paper that lesson plan. It’s fun to check scheduling time in design with real-time, in line with the lessons being taught. If not, the teacher had to see the time on a watch. Such acts also sometimes show classes as if teachers are in a hurry and rushed to quickly and no appointments necessary.

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